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The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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Interactive2 Wayfinding

Digital Site Wayfinding

Interactive2 TouchDirectory is a dynamic touch screen information hub that provides helpful assistance to the guests or tenants of your property.

From a Digital Directory, to an Interactive Wayfinding Map, to Virtual Concierge services, to a Green Energy Dashboard and even revenue-boosting Advertisements and Promotions, TouchDirectory is the next-gen solution for your building.

Read more about the Award for Command's Wayfinding installation at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Select Here.

Main features include:
Multi-building Wayfinding
Automatic Route Animation
Lossless Floor Zoom
Multi-touch Interface
Digital Signage Integrated
Drag & Drop Designer
Remote Content Update
Virtual Concierge
Event / Calendar
Mobile Support

Interactive2 opens up a new world for touchscreen directory Kiosk facilities in modern properties. This sustainable system serves new guests intuitive directory assistance and wayfinding help, provides tenants with tailored concierge services, displays monitored building information in a visual dashboard, and presents your property with a noble image in front of prospects.

The Interactive2 system provides an impressive showcase of the property.

The Interactive2 management and easy to use and instant updates keep content accurate.

The systems provide Tenant directory services to impress guests while providing brand promotion and your own local concierge services.

Interactive2 is a convenient wayfinding and information hub that will leave a lasting impression.


Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Government Departments, Concierge and Information Desks, Information wall, Building kiosks, Outdoor kiosks, Main Foyer, High-traffic Outdoor Intersections, Student lounge, Library.

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Benefits of a Wayfinding System

From bettering service, to generating new revenue for your property, to improving the image of your space, Touch Directory has numerous benefits to make it a worthy investment that lasts.

Essential for modern buildings

Touch Directory is the familiar and intuitive type of system that people both know and love with their touchscreen mobile devices. The system provides a quick and convenient way for guests or tenants to find out information, find amenities & facilities, and of course find their way around, inside the building or even throughout the whole campus. Accurate content is freshly displayed with the help of the easy management tools for managers, so users can be assured they are always checking the most up-to-date information.

Saves Costs and the Environment

The Touch Directory's Content Management System prevents you from paying obsolete costs and having unnecessary downtime due to traditional printed map and directory updates. Networked systems with remote updates, along with the easy-to-use management tool, makes keeping contents up-to-date an effortless and painless endeavor. Ditching printed signage and concierge/information type materials for a low energy consuming touchscreen system gives you another Green aspect to your building.

Boost your building's image with "Wow Factor"

Enhance your property's image with a stylish touchscreen kiosk or even an amazing multitouch wall. The impressive interactive technology from Interactive2 creates a high-end atmosphere in a modern building; where high-tech meets high-style. Gorgeous graphics add a high-definition appeal to mesmerize the masses. Awesome add-ons such as the photo gallery, promotional videos, live sensor integrations, popup promotions, or even a multi-touch 3D model of your building or campus, give your system that extra uniqueness that users notice.

WayfindingImprove the service level

In addition to the standard helpful assistance the system gives to visitors and tenants, you're able to choose from a variety of other great conveniences to provide, such as: an event calendar for promotions and scheduling, local amenities like restaurants, direct video calls to the building management office, or simply integrate with your property's website to display contact and FAQ pages.

Maximize Your ROI

Monetize your screen space by leveraging dynamic advertisements and promotions to achieve a quick and substantial return on investment. Users have an extended period of time to spend with your messages through "one-to-one" interaction. Please contact us for more information on the Interactive2 dynamic advertising platform.

Premium Support

Premium support, including: onsite installation, training, and remote support is available. With our own remote desktop control framework, we at Interactive2 can provide immediate diagnostics and find a solution to any issue that may arise.

Featured Customisations

Business Presentation

Showcase your company's value proposition, marketing materials, products, achievements, history, records, awards, etc. As a part of Interactive2's hot TouchPresentation product, this module supports: HD videos and photos, PDFs, PowerPoints, and even 3D models.

Energy Saving Dashboard

A green energy saving display that interactively and vividly highlights every green aspect of your building. Integrates with building green sensors and CCTV systems to display live and historical data on an interactive floor or campus map. It is great for presenting and educating tenants with a hands-on environment protection and energy saving experience.

Available Floors/Rooms

A vacant space module provides an easier, more impressive presentation for a leasing office to advertise and generate leads. A 2.5D model of your building room comes standard with automatic animation that highlights vacant floors/rooms. Tap a floor to see contact info or gather it from the directory.

Specialty Hardware

Attractive custom hardware options can turn your space into a world-class experience. Go big with a glass wall up to 3-metre, all the way up to a multi-user, multi-touch wall up to 30-metre.

Wayfinding Markets

Markets Where to use? Device Solutions
Hotels Concierge/Information desks in the main lobby
elevator entrances
outdoor in activity areas
parking garages
Information wall
Building kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
With self-service and concierge services, guests are able to do much more than simply find their way.
Shopping Malls Main entrances
High traffic intersections
Food courts
Information desks
Parking garages
Information wall
Building kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
With many options to cleverly advertise and promote, you have the ability to actually direct traffic and even create a direct sale.
Office Buildings Concierge/Information desks in the main lobby
Elevator entrances
Building kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
Boost your service and the appearance of your building lobby.
Hospitals Main entrances
Information desks
Elevator entrances
Parking garages
Building kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
Have your systems play a key role in bettering the convenience and efficiency of your facility.
Education Main Foyer
Information desks
High-traffic outdoor intersections
Student lounge
Information wall
Building kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
Offer great features that students and visitors will love, like the interactive "Message Board" or "Donor Wall" add-ons.
Convention Centers Main Entrances
Check-in areas
High-traffic intersections on the show floor
Building kiosks Make it easy for attendees to find a booth, view a schedule of demo sessions, and locate facilities.
Residential Complexes Leasing office for apartment and condo complexes
at the main entrances of gated communities
Building Kiosks
Outdoor kiosks
List available units, showcase local amenities, and even offer a "Contact Us" module that integrates with your website.
Grocery Stores Entrances
4 corners of the store
Building kiosks Let shoppers search for an item at the entrance and then even suggest other items they might be interested in along the way.
Wayfinding Wayfinding Wayfinding Wayfinding Wayfinding