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Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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Aviosys IP Power

Power Management for Digital Signage and Kiosks

Support costs reduced significantly when using power management and monitoring.

A digital signage system can consist of a single location or multiple locations nationwide.

The maintenance of a digital signage system is reduced significantly with the installation of an Aviosys IP Power management device. Imagine having the player computer or kiosk automatically cycle power to restart locked-up hardware - without a single maintenance call.

IP Power will monitor your hardware - computers, switches, network or any other IP device that can receive and respond to a ping command.

In the event of no response from the monitored device, the power would be automatically cycled - turned off and then turned back on.

Additionally, IP Power can turn any electrical device on and off based on a schedule.

The two main products are 4 outlet 9258HP and the single output 9255 model.

Aviosys 9258HP

"High performance 4 Port IP Power Solution - High grade components and durability. "
Aviosys 9258HPThe IP Power 9258HP features new designs in hardware, schematic, component changes, and new features.
WIth features like Ping Functionality, Telnet, Multi event scheduler, Multilevel User Login, Blacklist Ability, and more.
This device provides a great solution to remotely powering On / Off any device attached to it.
Furthermore with it's watchdog (autoping) technology, the 9258HP will automatically monitor devices
and restart them if they are not responding.
This not only reduces the amount of down time but also make sure that you can comfortable
power on and off devices from any location with internet access.

Aviosys 9255

Aviosys 9255proIdeal for Digital Signage and Kiosks, features single port, current meter, leakage protection, pIng function and timer scheduler.

Built with high quality components, and a robust design, 9255Pro was created for small spaces that require remote power management. The built in web server allows the 9255Pro to easily connect to the internet and can easily be controlled to meet the needs of its users.

The, 9255Pro uses high quality comonents to make sure that the device provides the safest environments for their users. Also going through Aviosys vigorous QC process the 9255Pro will be not only cost efficient but also reliable. With the new current meter on the 9255 Pro, you can find out how much power consumption is being used.

In addtion to the vast array of features like autoping, scheduler, email notification, DDNS, telnet, and http commands, the features of 9255 will allow this device to easily be integrated or used to meed each individual users needs. Compatibility with all android and IOS systems makes 9255Pro a must need device for power managment. Users can now easily turn on turn off or reset their devices through a computer, a smartphone, or anywhere with Internet access.

About Aviosys

Aviosys is a leader in designing, research, development and manufacturing products based on advanced Network Power Remote Access Management solution. Their Remote Power Switch & I/O control products are ideal for Commercial, Business, Industry and the Office

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Command products and solutions are also available through your local AV and IT professionals.

  • 9258HP - 4 Output
  • 9255 Pro- 1 Output

Aviosys 9258HP Features and Specifications

1. Control the On, Off, Reboot of up to 4 different power sources.
2. Built in Web Server Design, directly access Power Control from webpage.
3. Power scheduler and built in internal clock to enable daily, weekly, and monthly Power cycles
4. Auto Ping (Watch dog) capability to monitor devices
5. Self Auto Ping - Monitors 9258 WiFi to make sure device is working properly.
6. IP Service - Search utility, to easy to find your IP Power on internet hassle free.
7. Http Command generator for integration
8. E-mail functionality for notifying user.
9. Log capabilities to store device information and usage.
10. Hardware Watchdog design to make sure devices are working properly
11. IP Blacklist capability to block unwanted IP Address.
12. CNT Technology – For quick and Easy setup, just plug and play
13. Each outlet name can be assigned by user and memorized on webpage.
14. Support HTTP CGI commands / Telnet Commands / RS232 inter control for easy for system integration
15. IP Service: Easily Find your device on the internet without having to remember complicated IP’s
16. Password Base64 encryption for internet protection.

Total Input Power Up to 15A/11V or 10A/240V
Each Output 6A/110V or 6A/240V
Weight 0.96kg without packaging
Dimensions (L x W x H) 260 x 115 x 43 mm

Aviosys 9255 Pro Features and Specifications

1. Remote power contorl through network broswer like IE as Embedded web server
2. Accessible with popular web browsers - IE , Google Chrome & Firefox.
3. Built in "Current meter" for monitoring" and " Temperature "
4. Inrush Current Protect - HI-Grade relay select for extra protection
5. Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting - energy savings & increasing brightness
6. Supports " Zero Cross " to protect relay & to suppress noise generated as loading current rises suddenly .
7. Power leakage protection - turn off as leakage over 3mA
8. Industrial single port Relay design network controller
9. Supports up to maximum current: 8 Amp.
10. WatchDog--Auto Ping .
11. SNMP for trap – send message to manage server.]
12. Time Schedule -- pre-set your planned time to switch on/off
13. CNT technology -- Just Plug & Play no need to port forward
14. SDK provided for own software development.
15. Smartphone and IOS supported.
16. Compact size for small space or limited room area .

Power Cable Input 10AMP 18AWG 0.75 x 3C (Standard PC Power Cable)
Relay Regular Use: Max. 8A / port
T5 fluorescent light control: 240Watt
Weight 192.6 grams without packaging
Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.5 x 7 x 8.5cm