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Digital Signage Software

The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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Command Digital Signage

Site Kiosk

Advanced Secure Kiosk Management Software

SiteKiosk is the ideal software solution to securely present web-based content (HTML, Flash, videos, etc.) and applications on public access terminals.

You can use SiteKiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications.

Your computer will be protected against unwanted manipulation from the time the boot process begins up until the terminal is shut down.

SiteKiosk along with SiteRemote allows you to manage your machines remotely and enables you to charge your customers for using your kiosk terminals and services.


SiteKiosk is the right choice for:
Kiosk & Internet terminals
Company access to Internet & Intranet
Employee Self-Service
Internet cafes
Arcades and gambling stations
Library PCs
PCs in schools and colleges
City information terminals
Ticket kiosks
Showcase advertising
PCs on fairs & exhibitions
Public Internet banking
Customer PCs in retailing

  • Lite Version
  • Basic Version
  • Plus Version
  • Pay Version

SiteKiosk Lite

SiteKiosk is available in four different license packages.

The Lite version features cover the necessary functionality to
protect your kiosk.

All license packages include the Lite features.

Configuration tool
The included configuration tool will guide you through every step of the configuration. No programming skills required.

OS & Browser lockdown
Access to the operating system and the browser is prevented. Your system will, therefore, be protected against any kind of tampering as soon as the boot process starts.

Auto start plus Shell replacement
Ensures that SiteKiosk will always automatically start up using the correct parameters and the Windows desktop shell will be replaced with a special SiteKiosk shell.

Scheduled shutdown & restart
Set different shutdown or restart times for each day of the week.

System reset and idle time
A session will be terminated automatically after a specified idle period. All browser and application windows will be closed, all user traces will be erased (history, cookies, and cache), and the application returns to the Start Page.

Auto Recovery
Automatically restarts the SiteKiosk application within seconds in the event of a program crash.

Display in fullscreen mode
Restrict certain URLs to fullscreen mode, utilizing the entire screen for the display content.

SiteKiosk Basic

The following is a description of some of the program components included in the Basic Version:

Security Manager
The Security Manager will allow you to safeguard your Windows operating system quickly and efficiently.

Restrict the Surfing Area
This function allows you to specify which local paths (file) or Internet addresses (http) your users will be able to access.

Programs & Games
Users will be able to launch permitted executable programs and games from the menu bar, the start menu or directly from within web pages.

SiteKiosk monitors all local/network printers and their print jobs. You will be able to charge users for the printing service.

Download Manager
You can limit the user from downloading files to the terminal or restrict it completely. For instance, you can limit downloads to certain websites/URLs.

File Manager
The File Manager feature provides users with a tool to perform limited and secure file operations. It is also possible to allow users to burn data to CD's.

Second Monitor
Display and rotate different media elements (AVIs, images, Web pages) or advertisements on an optional second monitor.

The Basic Version includes 20 different "display" languages for the user interface.
These languages can be selected by the user based on their requirements.
SiteKiosk will automatically return to the default language after the users session has ended. The displayed language information is stored in XML files, which makes it possible for the system designer to alter or expand the language options.

Remap the Keys of the Keyboard
SiteKiosk allows you to remap the functions of each individual key on your keyboard. You will find this feature helpful if you use special keyboards.

SiteKiosk Plus

The following is a description of some of the program components included in the Plus Version:

Touch Screen Support
Touch screen support with on-screen keyboards is a feature that is part of the Plus and Pay Version. Your touchscreen hardware will function with any version of SiteKiosk

With SiteKiosk's touch screen support, the user can conveniently enter data on the monitor using our integrated on-screen keyboard.

Predefined On-Screen Keyboards
Included with the software are a number of predefined keyboards, with additional designs and layouts available.

Multi-Language Keyboard Layouts
For multi-language applications, we provide different keyboard layouts (e.g. QWERTZ, QWERTY, and AZERTY for German, English and French).

Visible & Invisible
On-screen keyboards can be set to be only visible on certain web pages (e.g. on a form page) and/or at defined X/Y coordinates on the screen.

Individual Keyboard Layouts
SiteKiosk's skin technology makes creating your own individual layouts easy.

Usable in Third-Party Application
On-screen keyboards will also work with other third-party applications (e.g. Microsoft Word).

Internet Content Filter
SiteCoach is an Internet Content Filter feature that is part of the Plus and Pay Version.
Laws in many countries prohibit public kiosks from displaying certain content (e.g. pornography).
SiteCoach will assist in stopping the user from accessing this type of content.
SiteCoach was developed and built into the SiteKiosk software.

Real-time Filtering
Each web page called by the user is checked by a special algorithm and is then either blocked or admitted. This process is performed in real time and without any delay to the user.

Criteria Database
The criteria filter database contains roughly 700,000 allowed and blocked domains as well as a large number of keyword criteria.

Free Update Function
After each start, SiteKiosk looks for available updates and will update the local criteria database if necessary.

User Feedback
Users can respond or object to the wrongful blocking of certain Web sites.

Time Controlled Activation
The filter can be set to activate at certain times during the day.

Video and Photo Emails
SiteCam is a feature that is part of the SiteKiosk Plus and Pay Version. Use SiteCam in combination with a webcam to record and send video clips and photos via email. Voice mail is also possible, provided there is a microphone connected to the PC.

User-Friendly File Format
For security reasons, SiteKiosk will send all created video files in .asf format, instead of executable files, which would be blocked by the recipient's mailbox.

High Degree of Compression
30 sec. of video material in AVI format can be equal to 80 MB in file size, but SiteCam can compress those 80 MB down to a manageable file size of approximately 300 KB.

Seamless Integration
Use the SiteKiosk Object Model to seamlessly integrate SiteCam into your own kiosk terminal solutions.

Optional Charge
With the features of the Pay Version, you can charge customers an additional fee for using SiteCam to send multi-media messages from the terminal.

VoIP phone service
Allows you to use phone services using the Internet protocol VoIP. This protocol allows users to call any regular phone number at home and abroad as well as any cell
phone number and text messages.

Support for Skype and SIP gateways
All you need for using SiteKiosk's VoIP solution is a valid Skype account or an account with the SIP gateway of your choice. You can charge rates per minute for providing phone and SMS services.

Zone management
You can use customizable zones to limit phone calls to specific phone numbers, regions or countries. For instance, you can limit the phone service to in-house phone numbers used by your company or allow only local calls.

Service phone numbers
SiteKiosk also gives you the option of displaying 10 different service phone numbers to which you can assign names and phone numbers of your choosing.

SiteKiosk Plus

Included in the Pay Version is an interface which supports a large number of time logging, access control, and automated payment devices. This interface takes control of all coin and bill acceptors, SmartCards, credit card readers, prepaid PIN codes, user accounts, etc.
The Payment Simulation feature that is included with the software allows you to test the payment functions without any attached hardware connected.

Zone Rates
The Zone Rates feature allows you to charge different rates for different Internet addresses/URLs.

Daily Rates
The Daily Rates feature can be set to define different pricing rates for different days and time periods (Happy Hours).

Service Rates
SiteKiosk may be used to charge for services offered by the terminal, such as burning CD's, sending multi-media e-mails, printing, file downloads, etc.

The SiteKiosk Pay Version supports all common currencies.

Managing Internet Cafes
SiteCafe is a free additional tool that is used in conjunction with the SiteKiosk Pay Bundle.
SiteCafe is specifically designed for managing users in settings such as Internet cafes, arcades, libraries, and schools.
The SiteCafe Manager easily manages several hundred computers as well as thousands of user accounts.

Database Included
SQL Lite database will be automatically installed and configured.

Charging Options
You can select how customers can pay for use of the kiosks: In advance, creating user accounts and prepaid PIN codes, or using currency and credit card acceptors.

Real-Time Control
SiteCafe Manager will provide you with a constant overview of all connected terminals. You can release, block, shut down, and view statistics for all of your terminals from a central workstation.