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Digital Signage Software

The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

Digital Signage Success starts here.

Video Extenders

Wired and Wireless Extenders

One of the keys to a successfull digital signage solution is the distribution of your video or audio signals.

If the quality of the image is poor, then this reflects badly on your products.

Commands Video Extender products have been tested and used extensively in digital signage solutions.

Command is the distributor of two key products:
Beacon for video, audio and serial extenders over Cat5/Cat6 or over IP;
Avocent/Emerson for high definition wireless video, audio and serial extenders.

For further information, please contact us on 1300 780 204 or through our enquiry form.

Beacon AV ExtendersBeacon

Video/Audio Extenders and KVM Switches over Cat5

Beacon Extender Inc. develops CAT5 KVM Switches and Audio/Video distribution system for the Digital Signage market. Beacon are a recipient of a number of coveted awards, including the National Award for Excellence in Software in Taiwan.

KVM Switches and Extenders

The Beacon CAT5 UTP KVM Switch system offers flexible, high-quality control of multiple PCs or servers from a single keyboard/monitor/mouse station. With the Beacon proprietary video enhancement technology, servers can be up to 300 metres (1,000 feet) from the console. Since Beacon KVM switches and extenders are compatible with other brands of KVM switches, it makes an excellent KVM Console extender for existing configurations.

AV and Digital Signage - CAT5 and IP options

With Beacon's CAT5 AV Solution you can broadcast a single video screen, with sound, to multiple remote monitors at distances up to 300 metres (1000ft) away. The system includes a central control unit at the broadcast source, and a choice of remote units for the remote monitor locations. Each remote unit is connected via a single, easily installed CAT5 cable, reducing cable clutter.
The new range of Beacon products includes IP solutions.
Select for further information on our range of Beacon Audio/Video and KVM Extenders.

Avocent MPX 1500Avocent

High Definition WIRELESS Video Extenders

Avocent has developed a High Definition Wireless Video extender, suitable for those difficult to install locations. The configuration of the extenders allows the user to have up to eight receivers to just one transmitter - no cables other than power. The wireless video extenders provide you with a high quality image and a high level of remote management of each unit.
Select for further information on the Avocent Wireless Video Extender.